• Evaluate Loss Reports
• Report Claims
• Claim Follow-up                                

Claim Review                                         

• Risk Inspections                     
• Photo & aerial  updates
• Construction oversight

Risk Management


Bear Creek Consulting provides our clients with leadership, guidance and collaboration immediately following a major catastrophe. We work with clients in the immediate aftermath to get the claims filed in a timely manner and on the right track to resolution. We advise client’s appropriate activities to take in an emergency situation and assist in getting prompt responses from insurance carriers, consultants and contractors.


Bear Creek Consulting representatives will arrive on site immediately following the catastrophic event. The area will be assessed and a report will be sent to all parties involved. Daily, weekly and/or monthly updates will be sent to the office staff, insurance carrier, contractor and other necessary personnel. In the event of an impending disaster, procedures for handling claims will be provided to clients before an actual loss occurs. We will send the appropriate reporting procedures for claims to clients and ask for a list of sites that may be in the path of a catastrophic event. Our Aerial Photo services make this a premium service.

Bear Creek Consulting